Netcam 3.0

LONG ISLAND, NY - JANUARY 5, 2014: has just released details of their newest camera enclosure "Netcam 3.0". After more than a year of evaluating several designs featuring a 'U' shaped polycarbonate base, a design was settled on in late 2013 and production began on January 1 of this year. This Netcam design maintains exactly the same exterior dimensions and sports a similar clamp configuration as Netcam 2.0/2.1. The base now incorporates the front panel, and in this way it has some similarity to the original Netcam. Netcam 3.0 is sturdier than all previous Netcam designs in that the front panel is not movable or detachable, and therefore is safer for both the hockey players... and for your valuable equipment. 

The core of the design is a one piece "U" shaped polycarbonate base that takes into consideration the best features of the original Netcam and the recently discontinued 2.1 design. Consider this version a hybrid of both previous designs.

Product highlights include:



Complete kit: 

Water resistant padded cover, Clamp assembly including stabilizer bar, hex wrench, two camera platform screws, 

two sets of hardware to mount the clamp assembly to the box,          Right: Polycarbonate base

Assembled and ready to go

 Netcam 3.0 utilizes a slot in the base to slide the camera far enough to pull digital cards between periods. Foamcore or cardboard should be used to protect the front panel EVERY TIME you move the camera in and out. 

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