Enclosure for Cameras in Hockey Nets

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FEBRUARY 15, 2019  UPDATE - Production has begun on new netcams (Version 3.1) and we expect to have a large 

quantity available the first week in March. The purchasing page will be opened at that time with units shipping within a week of your order.


- The polycarbonate base is now being manufactured by a new supplier. The base will feature less bubbling at the bends and this will reduce the possibility of stress cracks at those bends.

- We are discontinuing the placement of no-skid pads on the base. Input we received told us that the pads made it more difficult to slide the camera out to change digital cards between periods. The camera can be sufficiently tightened to the base with the bottom screw.

- Photographer feedback reported issues with the Velcro coming off the base. We have switched the industrial grade Velcro to a rubber-based product that should adhere to the base more efficiently. FYI, we also learned along the way that 'crazy glue' and similar products cannot be used to reattach the Velcro as these appear to burn through the existing Velcro adhesive! Readily available adhesives such as 'Gorilla' glue, works great. Just a couple of touches.

- The stabilizer bracket that is attached to the ball-head has been strengthened. We had zero complaints...but have a new manufacturer for this part.

- The base will no longer feature the two holes on the bottom as we don't know of any photographers using these and they were a throwback to the original netcam bracket of more than ten years ago. The three holes in the back will remain of course, and they are the safer and more efficient method for attaching the base to the bracket.

- Pricing on netcams will remain similar to previous models. The full netcam remains at $450USD plus shipping, and we will now offer the full netcam with an additional polycarbonate base for $575.00USD. (We know that the shipping cost on a replacement base a few months down the road makes the cost of replacement excessive)

- We are well aware that the price of the polycarbonate base has crept up in the past two years and we are reducing your cost from $150 to $135.00.